AbZorba Games’ mobile social casino hits 1 million app installs

AbZorba Games’ Hub of Fun™ mobile social casino has reached the significant milestone of 1 million app installations. Available on Android and iOS devices, AbZorba’s suite of free-play live multiplayer casino titles includes BlackJack, Roulette and Poker, with Slots launching in January.


Andrew Hughes, AbZorba Games CEO, said: “We are extremely proud to achieve this significant milestone of 1 million game installations for our mobile casino titles, especially as we have grown entirely organically thanks to all our gamers who chose AbZorba. All our games are in a live multiplayer format with social features such as cocktail bars, fun avatar builders and chat which naturally entertains gamers who, in turn, invite their friends.”


AbZorba, a founding member of the Social Gaming Association, also offers its proprietary AGON™ gaming platform as a white label, branded distribution solution for partners seeking a highly scalable games platform to rapidly deploy branded mobile casino games. The name AGON is derived from the ancient Greek for ‘contest’ or ‘competition’, which is very much the cornerstone of the platform’s ethos.


AbZorba is able to leverage its best-of-breed mobile social casino titles and knowledge of the social games sector to offer turnkey solutions for dozens of B2B partners. No other brand in the mobile social casino space with over 1 million installations offers a suite of mobile games for white label partnerships.


Andrew added: “Our ability to build credible social games is also vital as we reach out to the iGaming partners who look to leverage our hard-won skills when white labeling with their brand.”

Hot New Titles Unleashed

Another great milestone achieved, well two actually. Does that make it a ’2 milestone’ or twice a ’1 milestone’? Ah who cares! We have Live Poker and Live Roulette out there on Android Play – go get ‘em!

Poker has Omaha and Texas Holdem in the same app giving such a great choice and level of fun, no wonder when we launched it ranked at #498 leaping to #18 in a week- an incredible feat so thanks all of you who made that happen, in and out of Abzorba, you are all AbZorbaristas to me.

And Roulette, what a game!

I never thought I could actually get so excited about playing this old classic but its addictive – really addictive. No wonder casinos have queues of folks trying to get on a table – makes you feel like Bond, James Bond. Oh, and by the way, its scoring 5 out of 5 with our gamers.

iOS releases soon…