Hot New Titles Unleashed

Another great milestone achieved, well two actually. Does that make it a ’2 milestone’ or twice a ’1 milestone’? Ah who cares! We have Live Poker and Live Roulette out there on Android Play – go get ‘em!

Poker has Omaha and Texas Holdem in the same app giving such a great choice and level of fun, no wonder when we launched it ranked at #498 leaping to #18 in a week- an incredible feat so thanks all of you who made that happen, in and out of Abzorba, you are all AbZorbaristas to me.

And Roulette, what a game!

I never thought I could actually get so excited about playing this old classic but its addictive – really addictive. No wonder casinos have queues of folks trying to get on a table – makes you feel like Bond, James Bond. Oh, and by the way, its scoring 5 out of 5 with our gamers.

iOS releases soon…