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AbZorba Team

AbZorba gamers get their presents ahead of Christmas

With millions of installations and dozens of rave reviews for our games, it would be easy for us to rest on our laurels. But if we opted for easy we wouldn’t be at the top of the social casino gaming industry in the first place.

Instead, we strive to offer you the best social casino gaming experience ― something that involves constantly working on new and updated features. A couple of such features we have recently launched across our gaming suite, and we’re proud to announce them:

Send and Receive in-game gifts (all games)

An important part of the social experience in gaming revolves around the exchange of gifts. It’s a perfect gesture to make new friends, oblige old friends or even flirt.


Now our gamers can send chips to friends who in turn will be able to return the favour.

The new feature works across all our game offerings as of the latest versions.

“Strategies” betting assistance for Roulette Live

Need some help in devising the perfect roulette betting strategy? Let our “Strategies” in-game betting assistance feature guide you in placing your bets and teach you the ins and outs of roulette.


With several professional betting strategies at your disposal you’ll be as knowledgable as a pro croupier in no time. Or you can simply take advantage of the new “Win Chance” meter, to help you quickly identify winning placements.

Oh, and did we mention that the Strategies feature can even place your chips according to the chosen strategy automatically, so you can concentrate on more important things, like chatting with your friends or hitting on that other cute player?

Update to the latest versions of our games to take advantage of the new features.

Abzorba Games to participate in the 2nd annual Social Gambling Conference


Besides building top-notch games ― as we’re known to do :-) ―, we are always on the look for ways to enrich and better our industry ― either by evangelising social gaming, working with regulators and policy makers or helping in organising the social gaming community.

Just last week we helped with the merging of the Social Gaming Association, the organisation we co-founded back in 2011 to promote social gaming, with the ISGC (an US based organisation with the same goals as SGA) — thus creating a single, stronger entity to represent social gaming industry interests worldwide.

In the same vain, on 6th-7th November 2013, we’ll participate on the second annual Social Gambling Conference. The event, which will take place at Dexter House in London, will bring together industry experts in a series of presentations, panels and in-depth discussions pertaining to the present and future of social gaming.

Topics covered are many and varied, from “The conversion funnel from social to gambling” to the “Bitcoin’s place in social gaming” and even down to the mechanics and mathematics behind designing compelling slot games.

Our co-founder, Andrew Hughes will be discussing “The successful monetization of casino style games” at the conference, and judging from the speakers’ roster and the list of topics covered, it’s going to be two very interesting days for industry insiders, as well as an opportunity to bond, network and keep up to date on the latest developments in social gaming.

See you all there!

For more information on the 2nd annual Social Gambling Conference, visit the conference’s webpage.

SGA and ISGC merge: The social gaming community levels up

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all fun and games here at the AbZorba Games. Or, rather, it is, but we still manage to tend to a few serious issues, like helping build the kind of business environment that will enable social gaming to prosper.  It’s not an easy task: it involves influencing policy, developing standards, educating the public and regulators on social gaming, and a whole lot of industry co-ordination.

It was with the social gaming community interests in mind that Andrew Hughes, our CEO and co-founder, helped create the Social Gaming Association (SGA), back in November 2011  ― an organisation aiming to provide the social gaming industry with a united voice and a unified set of socially responsible standards, and take  a proactive role in educating policy makers about social gaming.

In the almost two years that followed its launch, the SGA has been quite busy. It gained traction in the social gaming community, enlisted over 120 members, spread the social gaming gospel at several gaming conferences and collaborated with the UK Gambling Commission in the preparation of a report on social gaming.

Today, we’re happy to announce that the Social Gaming Association and the International Social Games Coalition (an independent US based organisation with the same goals as SGA) have merged to create a unified international voice to represent, protect and further the interests of the social gaming industry.AbZorba has its place on the founding board joining Aristocrat Technologies, Bally Technologies, Enteraction, Gamesys, Gamingo, IGT, PlumBee, Playtika,  PlayStudios, MGM, Slingo and Zynga.

The newly consolidated organisation, to be named the “International Social Games Association” (“ISGA”), will represent social gaming industry interests worldwide, and assist social gaming companies from established global operators to up-and-coming start-ups.

This merger, which will further the reach of our collective efforts, is coming at the moment that it is needed the most, a time when social gaming is more popular than ever, the social gaming industry has established itself as a serious business, and numerous changes in the way people access, play and pay for games are taking place.

The new organisation’s core objective will be to educate and inform the public, policy makers and regulators on what the industry does and what value it generates for the digital economy, while at the same time helping push the boundaries of social gaming by establishing a set of  socially responsible values and best practices for its members, aimed at increasing innovation, ensuring the health of the industry and safeguarding the consumer.

ISGA’s leadership team will combine each respective organisations Executive Boards, with Luc Delany appointed as CEO. The merger was welcomed by the chairmen of both organisations, while our very own Andrew Hughes (an SGA co-founder) commented: “This merger demonstrates the importance that our industry places upon working together, no matter how big or small, to provide a collective and unified voice to represent this great and vibrant industry”.

So many companies working together amicably in what is seen by many as a very competitive, if not cut-throat, industry? It figures that it would be the social gaming community to pull this off. Being social, after all, is our core competence.

The Social Gaming Association’s May Newsletter

SGA logo


SGA to assist the UK Gambling Commission with its social gaming analysis…This month, the UK Gambling Commission released a report commissioned to provide an overview of what is currently known about social gaming. The report examines whether gambling style games pose any potential risks to the consumer and if so, whether there are adequate protections in place to mitigate such risks. The report focussed its study on those games that would be deemed gambling under existing legislation if the prizes won through such games were real-money rather than virtual currency. A full copy of the report can be found here. Continue reading

iGaming Asia Congress – Macau 12th – 14th March 2013

The Social Gaming Association is an Association Sponsor of the iGaming Asia Congress to be held on the 12th – 14th March 2013 in Macau. Stuart Tilly, Chairman of the Association, will be speaking at the dedicated Social Gaming Focus Day, addressing issues in relation to the regulation of social gaming.

Further details can be found here.

AbZorba Games is a founding member of the Social Gaming Association

AbZorba Games’ mobile social casino hits 1 million app installs

AbZorba Games’ Hub of Fun™ mobile social casino has reached the significant milestone of 1 million app installations. Available on Android and iOS devices, AbZorba’s suite of free-play live multiplayer casino titles includes BlackJack, Roulette and Poker, with Slots launching in January.


Andrew Hughes, AbZorba Games CEO, said: “We are extremely proud to achieve this significant milestone of 1 million game installations for our mobile casino titles, especially as we have grown entirely organically thanks to all our gamers who chose AbZorba. All our games are in a live multiplayer format with social features such as cocktail bars, fun avatar builders and chat which naturally entertains gamers who, in turn, invite their friends.”


AbZorba, a founding member of the Social Gaming Association, also offers its proprietary AGON™ gaming platform as a white label, branded distribution solution for partners seeking a highly scalable games platform to rapidly deploy branded mobile casino games. The name AGON is derived from the ancient Greek for ‘contest’ or ‘competition’, which is very much the cornerstone of the platform’s ethos.


AbZorba is able to leverage its best-of-breed mobile social casino titles and knowledge of the social games sector to offer turnkey solutions for dozens of B2B partners. No other brand in the mobile social casino space with over 1 million installations offers a suite of mobile games for white label partnerships.


Andrew added: “Our ability to build credible social games is also vital as we reach out to the iGaming partners who look to leverage our hard-won skills when white labeling with their brand.”

Morgan Stanley points to AbZorba Games in an in-depth report on social and iGaming sectors released on 14th Nov 2012


AbZorba knew it and now Morgan Stanley confirms it, AbZorba is at the heart of the opportunity between social and iGaming worlds and we are absolutely thrilled to have such recognition of our position, achievements and potential.



As social games, particularly mobile, are on an exponential growth path so too is the opportunity for us to execute on our B2C and B2B strategy combing the two merging worlds of social and iGaming. Our Agon™ platform and Hub of Fun™ casino suite are proving the perfect combination to excite our gamers and iGaming partners alike.


We are looking forward to each new step in our adventure.


Click Here if you like to read the whole Morgan Stanley Blue Paper on the industry.

A fiery debate on the regulation of social casino games


Real-money online-gambling companies have to abide by strict regulations that stop them from milking every last penny from gambling addicts who can’t afford to pay. But makers of social casino games are under no such restrictions. Should they be?


That was one of the topics debated at the Social Gambling Conference in London a few days ago with Andrew Hughes, the CEO of AbZorba Games, making his views clear!

“Can we keep it to social gaming,” Andrew asked. “We are not talking about social gambling. Social gaming is about a free experience.”


Click here to read the whole interesting article here

Οfficial launch for Social Gaming Association

The Social Gaming Association ( has just officially launched, aiming to provide to industry with a united voice and a unified set of socially responsible standards. The SGA also revealed that it hopes to address the concerns of industry detractors as well as taking a proactive role in education policy makers concerned about social gaming.

Andrew Hughes, CEO & Co-Founder of ΑbZorba Games, is a co founder and steering committee member tasked to build out the formation and development of the association and its membership.

“The SGA has been established to unify all of the publishers, suppliers, investors and entrepreneurs within the social gaming community as a united front to protect and further the legal, regulatory and commercial interests of this vibrant and dynamic industry,” said Stuart Tilly, Executive Director of the SGA.

The SGA’s key aim is the development of a self-imposed, socially responsible code of conduct for its Members, but it will also monitor key legal, regulatory and commercial developments within the industry; challenge discriminatory legislation against social gaming; educate regulators and other key policy decision makers; and provide a forum for members to openly share opinions and debate issues that affect the industry. The SGA will also support industry focused charitable causes and other socially responsible initiatives.

Membership to the SGA is now open, with potential applicants able to join as one of five member classes. The free, basic membership package is available to anyone with an interest in Social Gaming including start-ups, suppliers to the industry, venture capitalists and policy makers. Paid membership packages are available for game publishers, governments looking to gain access to the SGA’s real-time information library and for established suppliers to the industry.

Accredited membership will give game publishers a compliance kite-mark acknowledging that they have met the standards of the SGA.