Morgan Stanley points to AbZorba Games in an in-depth report on social and iGaming sectors released on 14th Nov 2012


AbZorba knew it and now Morgan Stanley confirms it, AbZorba is at the heart of the opportunity between social and iGaming worlds and we are absolutely thrilled to have such recognition of our position, achievements and potential.



As social games, particularly mobile, are on an exponential growth path so too is the opportunity for us to execute on our B2C and B2B strategy combing the two merging worlds of social and iGaming. Our Agon™ platform and Hub of Fun™ casino suite are proving the perfect combination to excite our gamers and iGaming partners alike.


We are looking forward to each new step in our adventure.


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A fiery debate on the regulation of social casino games


Real-money online-gambling companies have to abide by strict regulations that stop them from milking every last penny from gambling addicts who can’t afford to pay. But makers of social casino games are under no such restrictions. Should they be?


That was one of the topics debated at the Social Gambling Conference in London a few days ago with Andrew Hughes, the CEO of AbZorba Games, making his views clear!

“Can we keep it to social gaming,” Andrew asked. “We are not talking about social gambling. Social gaming is about a free experience.”


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Οfficial launch for Social Gaming Association

The Social Gaming Association ( has just officially launched, aiming to provide to industry with a united voice and a unified set of socially responsible standards. The SGA also revealed that it hopes to address the concerns of industry detractors as well as taking a proactive role in education policy makers concerned about social gaming.

Andrew Hughes, CEO & Co-Founder of ΑbZorba Games, is a co founder and steering committee member tasked to build out the formation and development of the association and its membership.

“The SGA has been established to unify all of the publishers, suppliers, investors and entrepreneurs within the social gaming community as a united front to protect and further the legal, regulatory and commercial interests of this vibrant and dynamic industry,” said Stuart Tilly, Executive Director of the SGA.

The SGA’s key aim is the development of a self-imposed, socially responsible code of conduct for its Members, but it will also monitor key legal, regulatory and commercial developments within the industry; challenge discriminatory legislation against social gaming; educate regulators and other key policy decision makers; and provide a forum for members to openly share opinions and debate issues that affect the industry. The SGA will also support industry focused charitable causes and other socially responsible initiatives.

Membership to the SGA is now open, with potential applicants able to join as one of five member classes. The free, basic membership package is available to anyone with an interest in Social Gaming including start-ups, suppliers to the industry, venture capitalists and policy makers. Paid membership packages are available for game publishers, governments looking to gain access to the SGA’s real-time information library and for established suppliers to the industry.

Accredited membership will give game publishers a compliance kite-mark acknowledging that they have met the standards of the SGA.


Social Gambling Conference in London – Need for Self regulation!

Andrew Hughes, AbZorba’s CEO is delighted to be a panelist during the Social Gambling Conference “Success in Casino-Style Social Gaming” taking place on the 16th November in London.



As a co founder and in the steering committee of the Social Gaming Association, Andrew is invited to debate on issues of regulation for the industry. In fact he will position himself against regulation, while suggesting Self regulation as the most sustainable approach at the moment.

You can follow the updates for this event and check the full schedule here

Check here the Advisory Board of the conference, with Andrew included.


Mobile gaming business insights with AbZorba Games at the Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit in London!

Time for…even more inspiration from Andrew Hughes, AbZorba Games CEO, who is invited to be a speaker and panelist at the “Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit” taking place on the 15th of November in London!



The 2012 Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit will touch on a number of key trends including:

  • Mobile App Metrics for Success
  • Colliding Worlds: Real & Virtual Currency Gambling
  • Monetizing Apps in a Saturated Social Environment
  • Engaging Consumers 24/7:  Successful Brand Advertising on Mobile


During his speech and panel participation, Andrew will underline important aspects of social gaming during the special session “In-App Purchases Demystified”, with respect to AbZorba Games’ leading positioning in the specific market.

Its “All in for The Hub of Fun” which is now trending not only on Google Play and iTunes but also on the most important Summits and Conferences for social gaming worldwide!

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