AGON Gaming Platform ‘Spirit of Contest’

First a bit of Greek mythology (stay with me!) – Agon (Classical Greek Αγών). The ‘Spirit of Contest’ who possessed an altar at Olympia, site of the Olympic Games. Its meaning derives from ancient Greek for ‘Contest’ or ‘Competition’.

And so it is with AbZorba’s AGON GAMING PLATFORM™.

After months of amazing work led by Manos Moschous, our rockstar CTO, the AGON platform was unleashed today. Thanks team!

The ‘Spirt of Competition’ is at the heart and soul of our proprietary platform from where we create, build and deploy all our live multiplayer casino games across multiple operating systems.

But thats not all. AGON is also our white label strategy tool to provide a turn-key mobile social casino games solution, fully branded, to partners seeking to combine real and virtual gaming solutions.

Many just-for-fun gamers seek the added thrill of real money games and in turn online casino seek to explore mobile social partnerships to link up. AbZorba can now provide that rapid marketing bridge an yet remain Hub of Fun for those that don’t.

Agon himself would be proud no doubt, we certainly are.

Thanks for reading.