Greetings from Amsterdam’s Casual Connect


Our CTO Manos and one of our finest (and deadliest) iOS ninjas Harris, are in Amsterdam attending Casual Connect Europe 2014 (11-13 February).

Casual Connect, run by the Casual Games Association, is a leading event for the casual games industry with over 6,500 professionals attending it each year. Our guys have already been busy networking before the event even started.

As Harris (who had to win an office Foosball contest to secure his ticket to the event) put it “it’s really amazing meeting guys from all over the world with the same craziness”. And having a few pints with them doesn’t hurt either.

If you are in Amsterdam these days and are interested in partnering with AbZorba, working for us or simply sharing the craziness, come and say hi.

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    Sneak peek of our new logo

    With our Hub of Fun suite of games soaring past 3 million downloads, surely AbZorba has come a long way since we started a few years ago.

    We though we should emphasise this coming-of-age by launching our new logo, a flatter, more dynamic design to match our current stage of success and future ambitions.


    We’ll be progressively rolling out the new logo on our Android and iOS games, our social media, and this webpage in the coming weeks.

    And that’s just the beginning, as we have lots of updates and surprises in store, including for this very website to make your experience better and more current.

    In other news, our CTO Manos and mobile ninja Harris will be representing AbZorba at Casual Connect Amsterdam (11-13 February).

    Casual Connect, which is run by the Casual Games Association, is a leading event for the casual games industry with over 6,500 professionals attending it each year. If you are in Amsterdam during those days and are interested in partnering or working for us, come and say hi.

    P.S. As everybody was eager to join Manos in Amsterdam, we ran a team competition on our newly installed Foosball to pick the winner.


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      AbZorba on ICE (London, February 3-5)


      When he doesn’t oversee AbZorba’s roller-coaster of a success, our CEO Andrew Hughes is always busy evangelising and promoting awareness for the mobile gaming industry, through bodies such as ISGA as well as through numerous industry conferences and events.

      It makes sense then that Andrew is one of the key speakers at the 2014 ICE mega conference in London, invited to discuss monetisation of mobile games in a panel investigating “which platforms will deliver the best return for social games?”.

      Over three full days long, the ICE Totally Gaming 2014 conference (actually 8-conferences-in-1), is the largest and most comprehensive trade event in gaming, bringing together industry players and key decision makers from every industry sector, online and land-based, from bingo to casino, and from lottery to social gaming.

      If you are interest in the business of gaming, and will be in London on February 3-5, visiting ICE is a non-brainer. And if you’re interested in a possible partnership, business collaboration or perhaps working for AbZorba games, come and say hi.

      ICE Totally Gaming conference, ExCeL London, 3rd-5th February 2014.

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        Our Android games are back and kicking…

        Dear AbZorba Android gamers,

        A few days ago we alerted our Android gamers to a blooper with Google Play which may have resulted in some down-time for some of you. We are delighted to announce are back live on Google Play thanks to the great help from our friends at Google (Thanks guys, we appreciate your help).

        We sincerely apologise for any disruption in your entertainment but assure you we have resolved the issue and highly appreciate your patience and loyalty.

        See you at the tables!

        AbZorba Games team

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          Important Alert


          We are experiencing extreme difficulty with our Android games currently and ask for your patience whilst we work with our friends at Google Play to resolve the issue and will keep you informed.

          Thank you of your understanding.

          Our iOS games remain open for entertainment.

          AbZorba Team

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            AbZorba Games® Races Past 3m Installs

            Mobile social casino market leader took just three months to go from 2m to 3m


            7 January 2014 (Athens, Greece) – Mobile social games publisher AbZorba Games® rounded off their record year 2013 by reaching the landmark of 3 million installs across all their casino titles.

            Helped by its world-leading Multiplayer Live Blackjack21 Android app, which totaled more than 1.3m installs and bolstered by over 270 days retention, AbZorba enjoyed exponential growth over the last 12 months and hit the 3m mark in late December. The company took just three months to get from 2m to 3m installs, with all the Hub of Fun Casino™ titles and multiplayer cross-promotional games helping AbZorba record a successful second year.

            To see such remarkable growth in 2013 is testament to our focus on highly entertaining casino games, robust in-house technology and our exceptional gaming platform” Andrew Hughes, AbZorba Games CEO said, adding “Partnerships with companies like Tango have proved a wining strategy as we leverage our leading B2C content with exceptional brands – in 2014 we seek the next Tango

            AbZorba’s B2B partnerships have contributed to a stellar year and the strategic mobile entertainment partnership with Tango has been a particular highlight with Blackjack Live for Tango hitting the top spot for casino games in the iOS App Store USA back in August.

            Renato Iwersen, VP Partnerships at added “AbZorba is our model partner with 3 very successful games on our platform reaching the coveted #1 and #4 in iTunes Casino Games together”.

            AbZorba is not slowing up in 2014. December 2013 was a record month in a record year and January 2014 is already beating targets, so the team is planning for even greater B2C and B2B success in 2014 and beyond.

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              November issue of ISGA’s newsletter released

              The International Social Games Association (ISGA), the social gaming industry organisation created by September’s merger of the Social Gaming Association [1] and the International Social Games Coalition to better promote the industry’s interests, just released the first issue of its email newsletter.

              The newsletter covers ISGA’s “industry best practices” announcement, South Australia’s recent policy proposal on “Children, technology and gambling”, the rising interest in the (alternative currency) bitcoin. It also provides a summary of industry milestones for November.

              You can read ISGA’s November newsletter on the organisation’s website.

              [1] which our CEO and co-founder Andrew Hughes helped establish, back in 2011.

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                AbZorba CEO interviewed for the Social Casino Intelligence (SCi) e-edition

                Social Casino Intelligence (SCi), one of most important outlets catering to the social casino sector, interviewed our CEO and co-founder Andrew Hughes regarding AbZorba’s recent successes, our partnership with Tango and our future plans.


                Here are a few select excerpts from the interview:

                Social Casino Intelligence (SCi): AbZorba has had a successful spell and has reached a few significant milestones lately, what do you put that success down to?

                Andrew Hughes (AW): I think the underlying success of AbZorba has been an absolutely intense focus on building quality games, and in particular multiplayer quality games. I’ve found that gamers are becoming ever more acutely sensitive to quality and we’ve always had that as a mantra from day one. Speed of gameplay, robustness, and an environment that they particularly like has all helped to attract, engage, and most importantly, retain gamers.

                Sci: How much of a signal was topping the iTunes chart in the US?

                AW: It’s obviously every game studio’s desire to get to number one, particularly in their genre. We were number one in casino games for a partnership we had with Tango, and that’s been a very interesting addition to our B2B model. I think it’s very important to reach that, and we’ve seen from there gamers have come to us and, more importantly, gone to our other games and this is partly how we’ve achieved two million plus gamers.

                We have a platform that encourages cross-promotion from one game to another within our Hub of Fun Casino, and we allow gamers to build their own avatars in a unique avatar builder so they get to dress up and be the character and the personality they want. That’s something we’re building up a much bigger library of right now. It’s totally unique, it’s not just an icon, you actually build a character.


                SCi: You mention the partnership with Tango, how important has that been to help drive traffic to your games?

                AW: It’s not been absolutely instrumental in driving two million, we’ve been around for a lot longer than that. The reason why Tango and AbZorba have partnered is that Tango look for best of breed games in their new model, and we look now to leverage our B2C success, our expertise in social and our titles themselves with a B2C marketing strategy. A branded distribution works very well.

                Tango has a distribution of some 150 million install base, and we have content that they can use to leverage that install base and monetise them in a very clever way. People who install the app have 50, 60 or 100 friends which they will connect with around the app and communicate with using their free video calls. The way to monetise that is to invite your friends to play that game over that platform as well.


                SCI: And what can we expect from AbZorba in the coming months?

                AW: We have mini-games coming through into the games. The games themselves are evolving constantly, and this is what gamers expect of us. We very much like to evolve the games on a continual basis. We have scratch and match inside the games now, mini-games are very important these days. They’re a break from the tables, and that’s something gamers want to do. We will be working with Income Access on their new social gaming platform which is great fun, and really maps a lot of the crossover between real-money and social gamers. We think there is a correlation, so let’s all explore how that can work.

                There are also some very interesting left-field, out of the box partnerships that we have coming up before Christmas. That’ll be a very interesting one, I think it’s probably a first. There is another partnership which we have that will be coming out from the US, but will be global. It will be a game changer for us, and I think you’ll understand why when you read about that. Watch this space, we are not just standing still in social games. There’s a lot going on that gives us new avenues of revenue, new avenues of access and new avenues of distribution.

                I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun as this. If we look at the kind of activities we’re doing on a daily basis, it would fill most people’s year.

                You can read the whole interview in PDF form by clicking here (152 KB).

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                  AbZorba gamers get their presents ahead of Christmas

                  With millions of installations and dozens of rave reviews for our games, it would be easy for us to rest on our laurels. But if we opted for easy we wouldn’t be at the top of the social casino gaming industry in the first place.

                  Instead, we strive to offer you the best social casino gaming experience ― something that involves constantly working on new and updated features. A couple of such features we have recently launched across our gaming suite, and we’re proud to announce them:

                  Send and Receive in-game gifts (all games)

                  An important part of the social experience in gaming revolves around the exchange of gifts. It’s a perfect gesture to make new friends, oblige old friends or even flirt.


                  Now our gamers can send chips to friends who in turn will be able to return the favour.

                  The new feature works across all our game offerings as of the latest versions.

                  “Strategies” betting assistance for Roulette Live

                  Need some help in devising the perfect roulette betting strategy? Let our “Strategies” in-game betting assistance feature guide you in placing your bets and teach you the ins and outs of roulette.


                  With several professional betting strategies at your disposal you’ll be as knowledgable as a pro croupier in no time. Or you can simply take advantage of the new “Win Chance” meter, to help you quickly identify winning placements.

                  Oh, and did we mention that the Strategies feature can even place your chips according to the chosen strategy automatically, so you can concentrate on more important things, like chatting with your friends or hitting on that other cute player?

                  Update to the latest versions of our games to take advantage of the new features.

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                    AbZorba at the Social Gambling & Gaming Summit, November 21

                    Industry conferences, trade shows, and insider events are important for any fledging industry to understand itself, cross-pollinate and, well, have a good time. Even more so for social gambling, a sector under heavy development, with innovations coming left and right and a multi-billion market building up.

                    Luckily, there is no shortage of such events, with one of the most important ones, the annual Social Gambling & Gaming Summit, scheduled for November 21st in London.


                    The full-day conference, still going strong in its fourth year, focuses on the intersection of casino-style social games, mobile gaming, virtual goods, and the bridge between mainstream social gambling and gaming.

                    The keynotes and discussion panels will be full of specialists, established developers and industry leaders, such as our own Andrew Hughes, who had the privilege to be invited to participate in not one but two panels.

                    The first one, “Gambling and Games: What is the Point of Regulation Anyway” is set to explore what regulation means today for the social gambling industry and how it should adapt going forward.

                    As for the second panel, it’s titled “The Big Debate: Will Real Money Gaming Save Social Games?“, and is all about monetization and marketing strategies for getting the most out of your company’s social games, complete with inside tips and advice from top mobile developers.

                    There are, of course, lots of other panels and keynotes, with topics ranging from the emergence of HTML5 as a platform to taking advantage of cross-promotion to build your user base.

                    The 4th annual Social Gambling & Gaming Summit, will take place on November 21st at etc Venues, London, and you can register here: (And even if you can’t afford a full pass to attend the conference sessions, you can still register for a Networking Pass and mingle with some of the industry’s best).

                    If you are attending the Social Gambling & Gaming Summit this November, we’ll be happy to meet you.

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